Get rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles are a common sign of lack of sleep and tiredness. However, there can be many other reasons for pigmentation under the eyes. People in Delhi can go to Dermatologist in Paschim Vihar for a dark circle treatment.

Reasons for Dark Circles

A naturally thin skin or narrow blood vessels can lead to hyperpigmentation under the eye. There are many causes for this skin condition. For instance, ageing skin, allergies, excess melanin, anemia, sun exposure, and smoking can lead to darkness under the eyes. In addition, certain diseases like thyroid and dermatitis along with genetics can also be a leading factor for dark circles.

Treatment for Dark Circles

The best cosmetic dermatologists in Delhi offer effective treatment for this skin concern. 

  • Laser Treatment

Minimally invasive laser procedures can help smoothen the affected areas and reduce pigmentation. You can ask for pulsed dye or diode laser procedures as they have a lower chance of any side effects.

  • Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peel solution contains acids like glycolic acid and salicylic acid. These acids along with other elements in the solution can help brighten dark skin under the eyes. 

  • Fillers

This treatment is perfect for people with thin skin under the eyes. For instance, many Dermatologists in Paschim Vihar use fillers to inject hyaluronic acid gel or plasma to treat the affected areas. 

  • Medicated Creams

You can prescription from your skin specialist for creams containing hydroquinone, tretinoin, or a combination of both. After the specialist accurately diagnoses your problem, they can guide you with the appropriate medicated cream for your dark circles. 

While there are many treatments available for dark circles, a healthy diet and adequate sleep are crucial for treating this condition. Always remember to visit a dermatologist before using any creams or getting treatment. 


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