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Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss can be a distressing experience for both men and women, affecting self-esteem and confidence. However, advancements in dermatological techniques have given rise to a revolutionary solution known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP).If you suffer from hair loss or naturally thin hair growth, scalp micropigmentaion is an excellent non-surgical solution for you. This procedure is similar to microblading done for eyebrows. In this cosmetic tattoo procedure, pigment is infused into the upper layer of the scalp to replicate the look of natural hair follicles. The goal is to make the hair look thicker and fuller. Instead of using a blade, like in microblading, an electric tattoo machine is used for scalp micropigmentation. This treatment is specially designed for people suffering from male or female pattern baldness, cancer, or alopecia. It creates the appearance of fuller hair and boosts the confidence of people suffering from hair loss. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?
Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a specialized cosmetic procedure offered at our clinic designed to simulate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. It involves the application of tiny pigment deposits using micro-needles, which replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles and create the illusion of a full head of closely cropped hair. The process is meticulously performed by our skilled expert team, who possess expertise in the art of precision pigmentation

The Procedure

  • The scalp micropigmentation procedure begins with a comprehensive consultation with our specialist. During this initial stage, we assess the individual's specific hair loss pattern, desired outcome, and personal preferences. Based on these factors, a customised treatment plan is developed to meet the individual's unique needs. If needed, we alter the hairline based on the face shape and age of the individual. 
  • The next step involves the application of the pigments. Using specialised micro-needles, our expert team carefully deposits the pigments into the superficial layers of the scalp. The technique involves creating thousands of tiny, intricately placed dots, replicating the look of natural hair follicles. The procedure is virtually painless, and many patients find it to be a comfortable experience.

Who should not get scalp micropigmentation?
Although scalp micropigmentation can help with many types of hair loss, people with skin and scalp conditions like psoriasis, keloids, and scalp acne should not get this treatment. 

Aftercare for scalp micropigmentation
The downtime after the treatment is minimal, and you can resume your daily activities almost immediately after the procedure. However, there are certain things that you should avoid for a few days after getting this treatment.

  • Your scalp is sensitive for the first few days, and using water on it may cause irritation. For the first 4-5 days after the treatment, you should avoid using water, shaving, or touching your scalp. 
  • Anything that causes you to sweat profusely should be avoided as it can disrupt the healing process. 
  • For a week, avoid scrubbing or using harsh shampoos on your scalp as this can cause infection in the wounds.
  • UV rays are never good for your skin, but they are even more dangerous after a scalp micropigmentation session. This is because the scalp is extremely sensitive after this treatment for a couple of weeks. 

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