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Acne is a skin condition that affects thousands of people and can appear on the face, scalp, chest, or back. While heightened hormones cause acne in most adolescents, acne can affect adults as well. This not only damages the skin but also undermines a person's confidence. However, we have the ideal and most effective treatment for acne-prone skin.LED Light Therapy is a growing trend that can transform your skin. Aside from its numerous advantages, this treatment can work wonders for acne and acne scarring. Light therapy can be combined with a variety of other procedures, such as facials and ointments, to achieve faster results. As a result, Light Therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry. We use this treatment to effectively target bacteria and inflammation on the skin, reducing the appearance of your acne. 

How does Red Light Therapy work?

  • Red Light Therapy is also referred to as Low-Level Laser Therapy because this treatment involves the use of low-wavelength light to target several skin conditions. Red light has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, reducing inflammation and excess oil production from within. This therapy works by boosting cell functions by targeting the mitochondria, or the cell's powerhouse. This increases cell efficiency, allowing them to heal faster, rejuvenate, and improve skin texture. 
  • Red light therapy has the ability to penetrate the skin up to 6 millimetres beneath the surface while causing no skin damage. 
  • In addition, this treatment can help with skin inflammation, collagen production, and blood circulation. 

    Benefits of Red Light Therapy
  • Reduces effects of free radical damage to slow down signs of ageing.
  • Helps stimulate the body’s lymphatic drainage system.
  • Helps improve blood circulation which ultimately improves cell health. 
  • Reduces inflammation and improves our body’s natural healing systems.

Skin conditions targeted by Red Light Therapy
The good news is that red light therapy has shown considerable improvement in several skin conditions among our patients. These conditions include:

Acne and acne scars ?
Wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots
Skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea

Is Red Light Therapy safe?
Because this treatment is non-toxic and non-invasive, it is completely safe for patients. It is a painless procedure with little to no recovery time. The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes and is followed by a few aftercare steps.  Depending on the severity and condition of your skin concern, you may require more than one session for effective results.  


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